jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Ils sont fous ces artistes, Chicago prise 3

La danseuse chorégraphe Geneviève Duong, la photographe Sue Mills, la poète Mélanie Rivet et l'artiste en BD Christian Quesnel sont invités par le Lake Forest College et l'Université de l'Illinois à Chicago pour présenter des conférences sur leurs travaux de création. Ils vous convient dans leur périple, question de vous apporter dans leurs bagages et de mettre en lumière cet accueil chaleureux que font certains cercles intellectuels américains à la culture québécoise.

Jour 3 
The Mandragora spirit is alive in Lake Forest! (Sue Mills)

I plant my roots in the light:

After meeting in the cafeteria, the Root-Women were welcomed into Laura Gabriel's class "into to French Literature".   After responding to various questions about our book and our performance the night before, all the students introduced themselves in French and we studied the incredible ARBRE that they had created in reaction to reading Larmes.   It was an incredible exchange with students and Laura.    
Stretch my branches towards the dark sky

Prof Dan Hanna escorted us to a room in the cafeteria building where we joined a huge table full of students and profs eager to exchange ideas dans la langue de Moliere!!!    This encounter was so energizing and it is amazing to meet so many Francofiles in one place..

whirl and tremble in the wind

Cynthia brought us to Tracy McCabe's Women's and Gender Studies class.   Wow...   What an engaged group of individuals...   We were able to be there with the spirit of Valerie Mandia, due to modern technology.   Valerie, such a beautiful presentation, and we miss you!!!

La cerise sur la sundae:      A creative workshop of dance and poetry led by the amazing root-women Genevieve and Melanie.    It was a reussite totale!!!!      

Our incredible day ended back out our mansion with a lively discussion with none other than Christan Quesnel.    Who could ask for better??

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